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re: ring of fire

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Establish a foothold on the Ring of Fire Island Chain

Gain access to the Citadel Guardhouse
Open the main gate to the Citadel Guardhouse
Clear the Guardhouse of Mursaat
*BONUS* Defeat the Eidolon

walk through:


For the third pair of seals, I find it best to run past them to the clear area on the north side. Kill any Mursaat and Jade in that area. Then you can attack the north seal from there instead of being caught between them.

If you have a ranger hero, give her a long bow. It's slow, but a ranger with a long bow can take out an ether seal from outside its ward, so your party can stand in a nice, safe area and let the ranger do the work.

Martial characters have an easier time dealing with the seals than casters, so you could also just send in a warrior or dervish to do the honors. Running in, casting a DoT spell, and running out can be useful, too. Maelstrom is very nice to help shut down a seal, even at zero in water magic.

If you're using a monk hero for healing or protting, make sure the hero is flagged out of the range of the seal, but still close enough to heal your party.

Keeping a monk outside of the seal range to cast partywide heals is very important in this mission.

Stuck at Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire (mission)

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GW Prophecies Walkthrough Hard Mode Remastered #23 Ring of Fire

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