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re: EverQuest Next, EverQuest Landmark

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EverQuest:Next - Gameplay Trailer: Above and below ground battles


EverQuest Next

EverQuest Next is the planned next game in the EverQuest franchise of massively multiplayer online role-playing games, a successor to EverQuest, EverQuest Online Adventures and EverQuest II. The first indication that a new game was in development appeared in a chapter written by EQ creative director Rich Waters in the EverQuest 10th Anniversary Book (2009).[1] Sony Online Entertainment, the developer and publisher, released further details in August 2010, at which point development was still in its earliest stages and feedback was being solicited from existing EQ, EQOA Frontiers and EQ2 players.[2][3]

The game will also not be a sequel or prequel to any of the games in the EverQuest franchise; it is planned to present to players a "parallel world" of Norrath, one in which some of the locations and characters may be familiar, but specific relationships and events can diverge from the official storylines of the other games. The developers have stated an intention to return to a style of gameplay more like the original EverQuest, while retaining the advances in MMORPG design that have developed in the years since that game first launched. Sony Online Entertainment has developed a new game engine called Forge Light in which EverQuest Next is designed. It has been stated this game engine focuses on lighting effects and making game characters more realistic.[4]

At the SOE Live 2012 event (Fan Faire) in October, John Smedley stated that EverQuest Next has been completely redeveloped, stating "What we are building is something that we will be very proud to call EverQuest. It will be the largest sandbox style MMO ever designed... We are remaking Norrath unlike anything you’ve ever seen, but you’ll recognize it."[5] During SOE Live John Smedley also mentioned that EverQuest Next will attempt to keep the F2P (Free to Play)[clarification needed] subscription model for as long as possible.

At PAX East 2013, Game Developer Dave Georgeson confirmed a full reveal of EverQuest Next on August 2nd at SOE Live.[6]

Jeremy Soule will be composing the music for the game.[7]

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EverQuest Next FAQ:


Forging Worlds: Everquest Next – Landmark

long with the first full reveal of the hugely exciting Everquest Next, Sonly Online Entertainment announced another title, Everquest Landmark. Quite how they’ve kept its existence a secret I don’t know. If I’d been working on it, self-trumpet blower that I am, I’d have been shouting about it from the rooftops. To be released later this year, preceding Next, it’s a construction and exploration game drawn from the same vein as Minecraft. It’s also the entire toolset used to build worlds and assets for Everquest Next.

Everquest Next’s voxel world allows for fine manipulation of objects, on a much more precise scale than more familiar block-based constructs. The construction tools utilise a brush, of variable size, so that large scale structures can be placed and then edges can be smoothed, eroded or embellished.

However, in order to build, players have to find resources and to do that they set out into any one of the infinite procedural continents or islands that Landmark produces. When they begin exploring the world, characters have a flag, and in the fine tradition that saw America conquer the moon for future terraforming, planting that flag stakes a claim on the surrounding area.

Then the hunt for materials begins. We only saw a brief example of the possibilities, the beginnings of a building that resembled what we had seen of The Feerrott, striking jungle-wrapped ruins reminiscent of Angkor Wat. Other players will be able to visit your lands, making Landmark a canvas of creativity waiting to be explored as well as a toolbox. I give it five hours before somebody manages to build a tower in the shape of a willy.

All creations can be submitted to the Player Studio and, from there, downloaded by other players, who will pay real money for them. The creator will receive a payment every time there is a sale. Not only that, but if another player borrows a specific architectural feature for use in their own work, the original creator will receive royalties based on the percentage of the new work that part comprises.

EverQuest Next Landmark FAQ:

First Look! EverQuest Landmark The New Minecraft!


EverQuest Next & EverQuest Landmark: Highlights & Beta Signups

Key Features

EverQuest Landmark Beta signups are LIVE
1:20 Expect EQ Landmark this year!

Will be launching a Roundtable site which will be like PS2's Roadmap site, will be able to vote on what you like and don't like, in EQL you will have a chance to make something that will be in the game, and will have Roundtable - regular meetings asking for feedback

One continent where SOE is in charge of how things are built

Player Studio: Creators can make real cash, the tools are in the game

EQ Landmark: Voxel brush sizes change, you can create edges as you build, what SOE creates is what we can create

This winter EverQuest Landmark will be released, huge collection of worlds, procedurally generated that are different than every other world, you can claim land and build with friends, wandering through others claims, find recipes and crafting abilities as you wander, you can create statues and doors on your claim, Your alts won't experience the same things - one day a city might be there, the next it might not or vice versa

The Razing of Holas, one of the first Rallying Call, one way might be to gather resources to build a wall around the city, might need to pacify dangers around the area, someone might need to build a quarry, mobs might come out of the tunnels after building a quarry, Siege against Holas is the final RC - destroy catapults, etc., more mobs coming out of quarry because you are busy fighting against the siege

Rallying Calls: permanent changes the world as you go through it, takes 2-3 months to finish - kind of like a public quest, everyone is on the RC at the same time, you don't know what events will trigger the next stage, different on every server

The world heals back up eventually

"One thing for sure, you'll always know where a battle was."

There can be random holes/traps that you can fall into, you can find dynamic events inside the earth, you can use a pick and dig until you find something, can cause earthquakes, constantly changing, constantly finding new content
You can go harass the orcs and goblins until they leave, you might end up ticking off the Goblin King and they might send waves of goblins your way to combat you

Orcs live in Crushbone, they don't like cities because they have guards. they like lonely roads where they can ambush travelers, they tag where guards are at, which roads are less traveled and then have orcs spawn in the lesser used areas and have them set up camps, adventures can tell guards to come clear the camps, adventures can walk around it, or go fight them

"A Life of Consequence, Emergent AI" the NPCs and quest opportunities will
reflect what you have done in the game

Warriors have Whirlwind that destroys things, Unstoppable Force, Forceful Blow, Shield Bash (knocking mobs back in an arch in front of you). halberd and longsword - both have different abilities (as do all weapons). Warrior has leap,

Items can give you movement abilities as well, gliding through air, dash, sprint.

Want to be able to blow up anytime anywhere. Environment is made up of tiny voxels to make it possible, can also build them up on the fly, the human wizard has Crystal Wall (can erect voxels straight out of the ground - mobs have to destroy it)

Wizard Vortex ability: teleports you back and then blows up the mobs you left
You can add items to your weapons to change what they do

"Changing the core game" introducing MULTI-CLASSING: 8 diff classes you can
choose from, a couple of weapons and abilities - as you venture out you have the ability to find new classes, over 40 new classes to find, as you find them, you can play them at anytime and mix and match to play exactly what you want to play - the more classes you find, the more you can customize your character

Kerran sprint on all fours

Parkour-like movement system for fluidly travelling through the environment - be able to slide down a hill, jump and grab onto something, rough and tumble in the air

If you want a chainmail bikini, you can wear it

SOEmote system and exaggerated expressiveness for longer range detection
Dwarves, Elves, Dark Elves, Ogres, Kerran, Human,

Daylight cycle visible in-game


Official SOE Site

Official SOE Forum

Apply to play the beta for free!

EQ Worlds Mobile App
Keep checking the app for new quests and content that
will keep you in the know for all things EQN.

EQN Roundtable



Google +

Youtube Channel

EQN Newsletter (log in)!input.action?theme=eql

Twitch TV (EQ, EQ II, EQ Next)


Celebrate Your Fandom With EverQuest Next Fansites! 08/01/2013
EQNext at Reddit

Forbes on EQN

EQN Screenshots

EQN Wallpaper

EverQuest Next Art and Unlockable Wallpaper Revealed

Sony Online Entertainment is slowly getting the Everquest Next site going and now features a call to fans of the forthcoming game to join the various social networks devoted to the game. After joining specific channels, new character wallpapers will be made available.

In honor of EverQuest Next's worldwide debut, fantasy artist Gabor Sziksai has reinterpreted Keith Parkinson's original EverQuest masterpiece. On July 30th, the full piece will be available for download. You can speed up the process, and download exclusive EverQuest Next wallpapers, by joining our social networks.


EverQuest Next Forum Discussion Forums

EQNext Fans Forums

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