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re: coming back whats changed?




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First major changes if you haven't seen:

  • All of Tamriel is accessible from start
  • Every area is battle-leveled - your character will be boosted at lower levels (primary stats) and it will fade as you reach the same level as the NPCs. You have to keep skills/gear leveled to compensate as it drops off.
  • Every NPC is Champion Point (CP) level 160 (Old Veteran Rank 16) in damage dealt, damage mitigation and Health/Stamina/Magicka stats.
  • No level gates for any quest. Every quest is CP160 with CP160 NPC.
  • Skeevers have 13K+ HP. Mudcrabs have 31K+ HP. Crocs have 47K and simple trolls have 108K+. Bone-colossus basic quest boss can pop out with 250K+ HP.
  • All XP is locked to character level - you will get the same XP for the same NPC no matter where you go and it will only scale higher as your character level rises

    L50 CP300 - Skeever 88 XP - Alit 1836 XP - Thunderbug 1836 XP

    L30 CP300 - Skeever 7 XP - Alit 169 XP - T-Bug 169 XP - Humanoid 169 XP

    L4 CP300 - Skeever 2 XP - Alit 45 XP - T-Bug 45 XP

  • All gear from loot now drops at your current character level L1-50/CP10-160, everywhere.

  • At L50 all characters share the same CP level and earn CP at the same CP point

  • All new characters can use pool of CP earned but cannot start earning themselves until L50

  • Overland Bosses are now scaled to 2~4 man content

  • Craglorn is now majority solo content with 2~4 after that.

  • Crafting and leveling mechanics have not changed much except for some changes to node scaling and writs and furniture.

Here are some of the most current build sites, not in any order.

  • Find several builds for that from these sites.
  • You will see that they will all have several key/common skills that make them effective.
  • Make a matrix of that and you will see which main skills to level first and which you can skip along the way

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